Comic Con 2013

This time last week I was saying goodbye to the San Diego Convention Center for another year. I ended my Comic Con 2013 with the Buffy singalong, “Once More With Feeling.” And that experience encapsulates everything I love about Comic Con.

In this one room were hundreds of fans, singing unabashedly to the songs they had memorized. It was just pure love for that show, and that’s what the week was for me: wearing your heart on your sleeve for these characters in television, movies, books, and video games that mean so much.


My 2013 experience ended with a musical, but it also began with one, too: the Psych midnight premiere of the musical episode fans have been anxiously awaiting. What a gift this night was! Although we were exhausted from driving since three a.m., we were excited to wait in line for hours. The doors wouldn’t open until ten, and the movie wouldn’t start until midnight, but the people over at USA know how to thank their fans. Every hour we were given adorable Psych swag, and we were even greeted by the stars who arrived in the weiner mobile, visited the line, and checked on their fans. Dulé Hill even asked how long we had waited in line. Once inside The Reading Theater, we were greeted with free concessions and another visit by the stars who threw out t-shirts and thanked the fans. This experience itself would have been amazing, but the musical was hilarious. And all this was before Comic Con even began!


At four a.m., I made my way to the convention center, realizing I had been awake for about twenty six hours. But I had a great seat inside Ballroom 20 to see the Psych and Sherlock panels. I have to admit I fell asleep during the first two panels, Intelligence and Starcrossed, but I was awake for the panels that mattered the most to me.


That evening I went to the SherlockeDCC party, which was incredible. People went crazy for Sherlock’s first appearance at Comic Con, and who can blame them? Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are fantastic.

Although I had so many panels I wanted to see (Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Marvel, and Hunger Games), I decided to skip these panels and do several offsite events, including the BBC America Doctor Who Fan Meetup, which was amazing and had surprise visits by Mark Gatniss and Matt Smith, the Nerdist show with Chris Hardwick and Matt Smith (notice a theme here?), and a Nerd HQ panel with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.



What I love about Comic Con is this feeling that there are others who share the same enthusiasm. Throughout the year, I get these looks when I talk excitedly about Doctor Who or Joss Whedon to co-workers and even some friends. But at Comic Con, that person who has been sitting in line next to you for twelve hours gets it. And that’s a pretty awesome feeling.


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