Today it was announced that the BBC will reveal the actor who will play the 12th Doctor this Sunday. And even though Matt Smith fans have known this was coming and some of us were even lucky enough to say goodbye during this year’s Comic Con, today’s announcement just made it true. And all I can say is:


No more bow ties? No more cowboy hats? No more fezzes?

No more goofy antics and heartbreaking speeches all happening within seconds of each other?

No more of that hair?!??

Smith was my Doctor, and I know everyone has gone through this will their Doctors, but this is about me, and I. CANNOT. DEAL.

And while I cannot top the way Chris Hardwick said goodbye to Smith’s Doctor at the Nerdist taping in San Diego, paying tribute Dead Poet’s Society style with “Oh Doctor, My Doctor” (complete with standing on the table), I will be wearing my bracelet with a favorite Who quote until that ultimate goodbye, and even after then:

“Rescue me, chin boy, and show me the stars.”

Goodbye, chin boy. You were even cooler than bow ties.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. B says:

    Being new to Who, this is my first time dealing with a regeneration and I don’t know what my feelz are doing! I’m trying to withhold judgement though until I see something from the new actor!

    • This is my first “true” regeneration also! I started with the 11th…and fell in love with the show. Going back and watching the entire series, I’ve seen 9 and 10’s regenerations and they were heartbreaking (especially 10’s). I don’t even know how I’m going to deal with seeing Matt Smith leave. I know the nature of the show and I’m excited about Peter Capaldi bringing a new persona to the Doctor, but all I need to do is rewatch “Vincent and the Doctor” to know which will always hold my single heart!
      Thank you for reading my little experiment here and for your comment! 🙂

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