Nerds in the Classroom

This week I had to say goodbye to summer as I headed back to the classroom. It’s always a bit painful leaving lazy days of late mornings and Twitter behind, but this year, I decided to wear my nerdheart on my sleeve and decorate my classroom with things that remind me of my summer’s highlight: San Diego Comic Con.  So while my students shopped for pencils and paper, I shopped for digital prints and frames. Here’s the result.

One of my best memories from Comic Con was the midnight premiere of the Psych musical. We waited ten hours, many of them outside in the sun, but what an incredible experience: swag, the stars, Shawn Spencer singing on the big screen… The next day, I found this Psych print in Artist’s Alley, the perfect mashup of two of my favorite fandoms. This print was only ten dollars, and the artist signed it for me! It’s a perfect companion piece to my Psych Magic Eight Ball that was given out at Comic Con years ago.


And speaking of the best show EVER, Doctor Who had a huge presence at Comic Con this year, and I was lucky enough to see Matt Smith at the BBC Doctor Who Fan Meetup and at the taping of The Nerdist. These digital prints (all found on Etsy for ten dollars or less) and my 10th Doctor exclusive that I was lucky enough to buy at the meetup are perfect for those days where I wish I was traveling through the universe with the Doctor rather than teaching complex sentences to seventh graders.

20130816-173128.jpg photo(1) photo

I’m proud to say that my students always fall in love with Sherlock Holmes after we read The Hound of the Baskervilles. I feel it’s my responsibility to introduce them to the ultimate Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch. The Sherlock panel at Comic Con was incredible, and I was able to see Steven Moffat and Mark Gatniss at the awesome SherlockeDCC party. I love this mini-print by the talented Megan Lara, which I found for five dollars on Etsy, and it’s signed! I also credit my Etsy addiction for this digital print with the iconic phrase from “A Scandal in Belgravia.”

photo     sherlocked

While The Hobbit did not have a panel this summer, I love Tolkien, and I always hope my students will, too. These digital prints were found on…wait for it… Etsy,

not all who wander_12x18    photo(4)

And finally, no nerd classroom would be complete without something magical. My school will never be Hogwarts, but these posters make me feel less of a muggle when I see them.

photo(1)    Happiness8x10Blue

Sometimes the kids get interested in the things I love, and sometimes they find something entirely different that they love. Yes, it is rewarding to read an incredible essay, but nothing is more rewarding than teaching the next generation of nerds to show the world who they are and what they love.



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