™ That Idea!

Tonight over dinner with my best friend, I thought of an absolutely brilliant idea that seemed somewhat less impressive to her. While babbling on about an upcoming novelty 5K and then obsessing over Richard Armitage in North and South, the proverbial lightning bolt struck.

I’m paying good money to run through bursts of colored powder in about a week, I paid even more to run through an obstacle course covered in mud, and if I was a bit braver, I’d probably fork over the money to run away from zombies. But what if I was running toward something? Or specifically, someone? Or very specifically, someone British?

And thus, over a brownie sundae, I came up with the idea of a BBC Man Run. What if there was a race where every quarter of a mile was not met with mud or zombies, but a Benedict Cumberbatch doppelgänger encouraging you with his droll sense of humor? Or a Richard Armitage lookalike picking you up at the finish line after you swooned from looking into his blue eyes? Or a Brit that looks so much like Matt Smith dancing in the beer garden that you could swear it was the drunk giraffe himself?

Now, even in my fantasy world I know the actual British men who have fandoms devoted just to them would be too busy to actually to be a part of the race. But those aren’t real zombies chasing you through Petco Park during Comic Con, are they? Same thing.

My best friend was not impressed, and said she could think of only five people who would be interested in this (including me). But in my BBC loving heart, I know there are women who would go mad for this, especially if this guy was the race’s resident Doctor. I can only imagine the number of sprained ankles and leg cramps that would suddenly happen during the race.



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