A Fangirl’s Worst Fear

I think we’ve all felt the “inevitable betrayal” of having one of our favorite shows cancelled. Sometimes, you’re given a bit of a heads up to to steady yourself for the heartbreak, and sometimes you find out on Twitter that a show’s season finale is now the series finale…on the day it airs.

I guess real life got in the way a few days ago, and I missed the news that one of my favorite shows, Copper, was being cancelled by BBC America. So imagine my utter confusion when I read on Twitter what apparently many people already knew.

Copper is an amazing show that transports you to New York City circa 1865. The story follows the intertwined lives of different residents of Five Points, a hellish area of the city still reeling from the riots spurned on by the drafts of the Civil War. Beautifully acted and shot, it is a brutal, fascinating, and ,yes, touching snapshot of this country’s history. I’m at a loss to think why this show was cancelled when there were so many more stories to tell.

So, now, the last episode is sitting on my DVR, and I can’t bring myself to watch it and finally admit that it’s over. Isn’t this what always happens to the true fan? You fall in love with the characters and the stories, and they become so real. Somewhere, in my heart, I keep hoping that BBC America realizes their mistake or some VIP at Netflix decides to give this incredible show a second chance like Arrested Development.
Until then, it was an incredible ride, boyos.



2 thoughts on “A Fangirl’s Worst Fear

  1. I’ve never seen Copper, but I know how you feel. I felt like this with Southland. Twice. The first time was when NBC dropped it after one season. But then TNT picked it up and ran it for four more seasons.And it was such a good show. A few weeks before what was supposed to be this season’s finale aired, I read a bunch of stuff online about how TNT was cancelling it and that three of the main actors had already gotten pilots for new shows (it wasn’t officially confirmed cancelled until like, a month after the last show aired) . I was devastated. And I still haven’t brought myself to watch the last few episodes from this season. I’m sorry for the loss of your show – I hope it gets a chance on another network 🙂

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