Reddit Gift Exchanges, a.k.a Secret Santas…for Adults

Do you remember Secret Santa when you were in elementary or middle school? The feeling of anticipation was almost even better than the gift…almost.

Now imagine playing Secret Santa now that you have a credit card! That’s basically the entire premise behind Reddit Gift Exchanges. If you haven’t ever participated, you may want to try their newest gift exchange which seems tailor-made for nerds everywhere: the Whedon-Verse Gift Exchange!

Can you imagine the unlimited possibilities? Buffy! Angel! Firefly! Dr. Horrible! The Avengers! S.H.I.E.L.D!! I’m so excited over here at my desk that I cannot concentrate on the fact that I’ll be teaching 7th Graders this afternoon!

I fell in love with Reddit Gift Exchange when I did a Doctor Who Exchange last year. And now I always anxiously await the newest exchange announcements.

Sign up. You won’t regret it!

By the way, there are other Gift Exchanges being offered- I’m just focusing on the Whedon-Verse one because…well…duh. 😉



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