Once upon a time (yesterday), I stumbled upon a lovely cube of nail polishes inspired by four of the most glam Disney Villains ever: Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, and the Evil Queen from Snow White. It was gorgeous and it only cost 9.99! When I checked out, the girl at the counter told me there was an entire collection of Disney Villain inspired makeup and accessories, but they were selling out everywhere. I looked them up on eBay and found that everything was going for four or five times the original price (it should be noted that nothing is over $10.00)! Thus began my journey to every single flipping Walgreens in town to score as much as I could for myself and my friends (never too early to do some Christmas shopping). Here are my finds:

I did manage to find another cube of Disney polishes for my best friend and two nail art kits. The nail polishes are produced by e.l.f., and the colors are gorgeous. The nail art kits are produced by KISS. I could only find Cruella and the Evil Queen. Both have these beautiful decals and crystals. I’ve never done nail art, but I’m definitely tempted to keep the Evil Queen kit and give it a try!



I also found the look book for Maleficent, which I’m definitely keeping for myself. It’s also produced by e.l.f. and comes with six eyeshadows, an eyeshadow primer, a liquid eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and eyeshadow brush, all for ten bucks! When you open the book, there are instructions for a “day look” and a “night look.” I’m completely in love.


I finally found the makeup case that had a Maleficent makeup bag and a plastic carryall. The satiny makeup bag is way too beautiful to be used for its original purpose, and I’m now considering it my newest clutch.


There were nail kits, look books, and accessories for all four Villains, but this was all I found in SIX stores. I’m a bit obsessed about finding the look book and makeup case for the Evil Queen, so I might venture to a few more Walgreens stores tomorrow. I know from looking online there are also coordinating Scunci hair accessories, but I have yet to see them.

Some of us have always had a soft spot for Disney princesses (I personally identify with Belle but love another gal’s guy: Flynn Rider), but you can’t deny the fact that sometimes the Villains are just more…stylish. So indulge you inner baddie. You don’t need pet eels or a poison apple; you just need to find a Walgreens that still has these enchanting products. Prepare to be spellbinding.


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