Time to Meet the Timelord

You know that feeling when you really want someone to love your fandom? That nervousness and anxiousness that happens when you think they might not only not get it but actually dislike it? I felt that last week when it was time to introduce Doctor Who to my Random Fandom after school class. Sure, they all loved the activities about zombies and the Marvel universe, but what would they think of my “mad man with a box”?

Dressed in my TARDIS skirt, I began with a quick introduction to the Doctors, the TARDIS, and his Sonic Screwdriver. I had some great books to show them some visuals, including the DK Doctor Who Encyclopedia. Then I showed several quick videos produced by the BBC called the “The Monster Files” that showed some of the Doctor’s most memorable foes. My students were hooked once the first video about the Weeping Angels finished.

We then made some edible Whovian goodies: edible Adipose made from giant marshmallows and edible markers and candy-coated Sonic Screwdrivers (aka pretzel rods).



Even though the kids were totally into it, I also had to factor in the sugar factor. So, when it was time to actually show them an episode, I still was a little worried. After consulting some Twitter friends (just an aside here: I love how friendships can be made on social media because of shared interests!), I decided to show “The Eleventh Hour.” I booked the school theater and my tiny class of five had their own private screening, complete with popcorn, sodas, and goodie bags of red fezzes (Christmas Rolos!). I began by showing the last two minutes of David Tennant’s final episode so they could see a regeneration. We ran out of time before “The Eleventh Hour”
ended, and all the kids wanted to finish it! But I had patient parents and siblings waiting for them, so I told them they could come before school to see the ending. I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up, but there they were…waiting outside my classroom at 7:45 am. One of my students even told me that she stayed up pretty late to see three more episodes!

I think the Doctor would be very happy to find there are now a few more willing companions to see all of time and space.




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