Is There a Kitchen in the TARDIS?

I’ve always had a weakness for cookbooks, and this year I’ve added several nerdy ones to my collection. The latest one to keep The Official DC Superhero Cookbook, The Star Wars Cookbook, and Disney Recipes company on the bookshelf is Dining With The Doctor- The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook.

Dining With The Doctor has a recipe for every episode since the Christopher Eccleston reboot and goes all the way through Season Six with Matt Smith. The recipes are all tied into the episodes rather nicely, and none of them are overly complicated. For us fans of the Eleventh Doctor, there’s an entire appendix of fish finger and custard recipes, including a “Fish Fingers and Custard Cocktail” recipe, which sounds like a pretty delicious combination of cupcake flavored vodka, vanilla vodka, and heavy cream. Yum.

I originally bought the book to find some recipes to make for Matt Smith’s final episode on Christmas. However, as the day of his goodbye draws closer, I’m tempted to forego the “Cinnamon Pull Apart Crack in the Wall” and “Jammy Dodgers” for a strong drink that will numb the pain of Eleven’s Regeneration. I’m thinking the “Regeneration Fizz” cocktail will be especially fitting, especially given the author’s description of the drink: “Drink enough and it will erase your memory.”





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