Random Acts of Kindness

A few days ago, I logged on to Facebook to wish a dear friend a Happy Birthday. And I saw some pictures on her wall that made me happier than I have felt in a long time.

On her birthday, my friend Melissa and her daughter Savannah were doing small random acts of kindness. Their goal was to do twenty-one acts. When I asked her if I could write about her day, she said she started this tradition for her daughter’s birthday, and her daughter asked her to continue the acts on her birthday.

The acts were small but so important. She and her daughter dropped off donuts and hot chocolate for the ER nurses at the University Medical Center. They donated children’s books to Children’s Ward at UMC. They left small bags of change at vending machines, with messages for people to enjoy themselves. They hid dollars in random shelves at The Dollar Tree. Such small acts, but can you imagine the smiles those acts made?

They gave food for the many dogs and cats at the Humane Society and made care packages of shampoo, toothpaste, pillows, and other necessities for the homeless.

Melissa and Savannah also gave away copies of favorite childhood movies, bought souvenirs for other kids at a Disney Princess show, and gave copies of her favorite YA novel to adults.

Missy and Savannah completed seventeen acts. Here’s what Savannah said about their final number: “We have every day for the rest of our lives to be better people and be kind all the time.” Wow. Missy is raising her daughter to be an incredible human being.

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel the true Christmas spirit with all the stresses of everything around you. But seeing Missy’s pictures warmed my heart in a way that hasn’t happened all season. Happy Birthday, Missy. Thank you for this gift you gave me.







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