Resolutions I Want to Keep

Like many other anxious nerds, I spent my Saturday morning getting emotionally ready for Pre-Registration. As soon as the blue little circle stopped spinning and that precious Comic Con badge was officially mine, I knew I could actually write this post and not jinx it! So here it is.

This will be my third trip to Comic Con, and every year I try to make it even more amazing, so here is a list of my SDCC Resolutions for this year.

1) Meet Twitter and G+ Friends IRL
Social media is a weird thing, isn’t it? You make these friendships and
have these awesome conversations with people you may have never
met in person. I can’t wait to meet some of the incredible people I’ve
nerded out with online.
2) Explore More Offsite Events
Last year, all my SDCC highlights were offsite events: SherlockeDCC,
Matt Smith and the Nerdist podcast, the BBC Doctor Who meetup,
Nerd HQ panel with Nathan Fillion, the Psych midnight premiere…
This summer I plan to explore Gaslamp a little more and see which cool
offsite events will be offered.
3) Lose the Photo Phobia
I have tons of pictures for the last two years at SDCC. I am literally in six.
I’m trying to push away those little self doubts and just get in the damn
picture already. In the end, I’d rather have a goofy picture of me next
to that Doctor Who cosplayer than a generic picture that looks no
different than anyone else’s, which leads to…
4) Snag the Smolder Shot
For the last two years, I’ve hemmed and hawed about taking a pic at
Nerd HQ with Zachary Levi, and every year I talk myself out of it. Last
year, I also talked myself out of a picture with Nathan Fillion. (What was
I thinking?!?) So this year, I’m slapping some lipstick on and getting that
picture once and for all.
5) Hello, Hall H
Nerd confession: I’ve never made it into Hall H. My first year I stood in
in line for nearly seven hours to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
and Iron Man 3 to never make it in. Last year, I chose the Doctor Who
fan meetup instead of seeing that now legendary Marvel panel (which I
don’t regret for a single moment). This year, I hope to find the strength
to give up sleep in a comfy bed to have that ultimate Comic Con
And finally…
6) Run with the Walkers (Or At Least Consider It)
As a fan of The Walking Dead, I love the idea of The Walking Dead
Escape in Petco Park. And as a fan of The Walking Dead, nothing scares
me more than the idea of The Walking Dead Escape in Petco Park. This
year I hope to at least entertain the idea of maybe one day perhaps
attempting to think of running this course some day. And in doing so,
I should probably forget how just taking pictures with The Walking Dead
zombies inside the convention center almost gave me a heart attack.


What about you, SDCC goers? Do you have any SDCC resolutions? July is right around the corner!


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