Fangirling in the UK: Scotland

I recently traveled to Scotland, England, and Wales, and in between those amazing amazing moments of walking through ancient castles and reliving British history and literature that I studied in college, I had some incredible fangirl experiences.

Our first stop was Scotland.

I completely fell in love with Scotland, more than any other European country I have visited. It was simply…magical. I know I left my heart back there. To walk the city streets and see Edinburgh Castle looking down upon you is an amazing feeling.


And it was while walking down the beautiful cobble streets that we found the sculpture of Sherlock Holmes, honoring Edinburgh native, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was our first encounter with one of our fandoms, and it was incredible. Sherlock and Watson were brought to life right there in beautiful Edinburgh in 1886, much to the joy of fans everywhere.


A friend and I had the idea that we would take pictures of the places we visited with a few of our treasured toys, but that idea fell apart pretty fast. We were just overwhelmed with so much that we kept forgetting to take out Darth Vader, Ten, and Eleven. However, we did get a few cute pics of our boys in Edinburgh.





I climbed 287 steps up the Scott Monument, overlooking all of Edinburgh, walked in the rain in the picturesque town of Stirling, drank whiskey in a medieval castle, held an owl, saw fields of sheep, watched World Cup games with local football fans, and finally ate haggis.

When we had to say goodbye to Scotland, we were on our way to England. We had no idea the amount of fangirling we had in store as we traveled to the world of Harry Potter, Shakespeare, and Mr. Darcy!

Next up: Fangirling in England. 🇬🇧


9 thoughts on “Fangirling in the UK: Scotland

    • You do! But prepare to never want to leave! I keep looking at my many picture of sheep, contemplating sheep farming (is that a thing?) as a career choice. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment, Arbine!

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