Fangirling in the UK: A Whovian in Wales

My day trip to Cardiff in Wales was the last stop of my thirteen day journey. I had been looking forward to seeing the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay for months. The train to Cardiff from London was longer than I expected with so many stops. When I finally arrived in Wales, I was already quite tired! But the first thing that I saw were the many signs in Welsh that fascinated me.

When I arrived at the DW Experience, I saw the TARDIS just above the bay! My exhaustion left me and I was ready to jump in to the world of Doctor Who.


As I waited in line, I saw Clara’s book from childhood and the leaf she blew in on. Melanie Pond’s high heels were in another glass case, alone with her journal full of spoilers.


The first part was the best, which was an interactive walk through the TARDIS control room, as you are being guided by my favorite Doctor, 11. We soon we were attacked by Daleks and Weeping Angels. I wasn’t expecting to be creeped out, but I was!


After the interactive portion, the exhibit hall was full of costumes and props from the show. I learned that Jenna Louise Coleman has the tiniest waist ever. All the costumes from the 50th anniversary episode were there, including John Hurt’s and Billie Piper’s. The exhibit displayed many of the iconic friends and foes of the Doctor.
And of course there were several TARDISes (TARDI?) displayed.



My entire trip through the UK was filled with so many fangirl moments, for everything from literature to movies. In every place I went, I experienced something that I love in a completely different and unique way. It was a trip I won’t ever forget!


3 thoughts on “Fangirling in the UK: A Whovian in Wales

  1. Great pictures and looks like a wonderful time – I would love seeing everything up close. And yes the Daleks and Weeping Angels would be creepy. So would those children toys that came to life – they might creep me out more. 🙂 I love the Tardis above the bay – awesome!

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