Steps to Happiness, Marvel Edition

Go see this:

Fall in love with this:

Listen to this:

Dance like this:



11 thoughts on “Steps to Happiness, Marvel Edition

    • Me, too! I have so many friends who don’t want to see the movie because it doesn’t seem like the Marvel movies they know. But I loved it so much! I even realized this is the first Marvel movie that made me tear up in several places!

  1. Hubby and I didn’t get to see this movie this past weekend but it is soooo on our to-do list… especially with the amount of good stuff I keep hearing about it, I’m so excited!

  2. I’ve been genuinely listening to the soundtrack for the past 5 days. It never happens.

    It really DOES make everything more awesome.

    I even painted my nails in this theme. There’s a cassette tape.

    Guardians everywhere. Oh Groot.

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