Confessions of a Blogger

Earlier this week, Megan of the awesome The Nerdy Girlie shared her own blogging confessionsand asked readers to the do the same. Ok, scary, introspective challenge accepted! Here are my five blogging confessions.

1. One More Blog?
There are so many blogs out there, and so many are just insanely fantastic (um, have you checked out The Nerdy Girlie? What are you waiting for?). In fact, there are close to four hundred members of our Female Geek Bloggers G+ group. Sometimes that sheer number is really intimidating, and doubt can really creep into my head. Does anyone really need to read another Doctor Whopost in the blogosphere when someone has probably already written a fantastic post? I have to fight that self-doubt and look at other fantastic bloggers as a source of inspiration, because that’s what they truly are.
2. If a Blog Is Written But No One Reads It, Is It Still a Blog?
It’s the old “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” conundrum. I know I have a small minuscule number of readers, but I still blog, knowing that there are posts that I really worked hard on and love but may not be read. I write because I love it, but it’s human nature to want to share with an audience. This leads to my next big number…
3. Social Media Shyness
I am horrible at self-promotion. In fact, I think only a handful of people even know that I have a blog. I’m not sure why I haven’t told all my friends, who I know would check it out. I have maybe tweeted a link to a post maybe once, and it felt really…icky. I had contact cards made up for Comic-Con featuring my blog name, but again I felt weird handing them out to the people I talked to for hours in lines. I need to work on this.
4. Blog vs. Life
My job as an English teacher means that I almost always have a pile of essays to grade. At this exact moment, there is a stack of essay tests on my desk judging me for leaving them in their pretty purple folder, ungraded. Now, add excessive amount of time spent with friends to ensure good mental health. Throw in some yoga classes and a very strong desire to binge watch Netflix. All this leads to long stretches of time when I don’t post anything, even if I had a million ideas swimming in my head. I need to start planning ahead, and not just the particular season of Parks and Rec I plan to watch.
5. Questions, Questions, So Many Questions
I have no idea how to imbed a video on a post. I am not sure how to add a cute, catchy header on my blog. I have tried to add a link to our Female Geek Bloggers group on my blog with no success. Heck, I’m not even sure if I should take up WordPress on their constant offer to buy my own domain name. All these questions float around my head every time I write a post (including right now). I find many
answers through trial and much error and through great support systems out there, but sometimes all those questions seem overwhelming, especially when they seem embarrassingly obvious.

Well, those are my blogging confessions. Thanks, Megan, for your post and asking us all to share our own confessions. I have to say, it felt really, really therapeutic to write down these feelings. How about you, gentle reader? What are your blogging confessions?


11 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blogger

  1. This was such a great job! Thank you for participating! If you ever have any questions please ask me! I don’t have word press, but I might could help a bit.

    I highly suggest buying your own domain. It is easier for people to remember and mine was only $10 a year!

    When promoting yourself online make sure you use relevant hashtags and tag the right people in the posts to get more RTs.

    You should sign up for bloglovin’, it is really easy and fun! I just did it and I have had a nice subscriber rate the past view months. It’s nice to have all your favorite blogs in one place to read everyday and catch up.

    For the FGB button, save it to your computer and in Blogger there is a plug in for a picture. Upload it and link it to the group by selecting the picture and then adding the website.

    Embedding a video is easy, if you can switch over to HTML. Once you have the video’s code, switch over to the HTML and paste it into the area you want it to be in. Go back to where you regularly compose your post and it should be there. It has taken me a lot of trial and error but i have a very small bit of HTML knowledge. VERY small 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work and PROMOTE yourself! You are a great writer!!

    • Oh my gosh! Thank you Megan. You are beyond awesome. I wasn’t expecting this! Support from you and the other ladies in FGB group is so incredibly inspiring. Thank you so much for the comment and the much-needed advice! xo

  2. As others have said, if you’re ever really stuck on WordPress stuff, ask the group (feel free to ask some of us directly).

    Embedding a video actually got easier with the new version of WordPress (though I don’t know if the version is the same). All you have to do is paste in a link to the Youtube video, and it will pop up automatically!

    Maybe creating a Google doc with some WordPress basics would be helpful for some bloggers. I should ask the group …

    Anyway, like Megan said, it’s all about promotion! I’m still struggling with it myself (it always feels like bragging), but if you’ve got something for people to see, then you should show them!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Tricia, thank you! I can’t believe all the support that came out of one post. I’ve been given awesome advice from all of you here in these comments. I will totally let go of that shyness and ask the group for help. There’s a wealth of information there! Thank you for your comment!

  3. I loved this, and I totally relate. I work full-time, I take ballet twice a week, I have a husband I should probably pay attention to from time to time, and I’m trying to run a blog. It’s tough to give the blog AND everything else the attention it deserves. And OH MY WORD, the shyness. Yes. I’m highly, highly introverted, so this stuff is SO HARD for me, but I’m trying to push myself. It’s hard, but I know its important. And it seems like you got most of your tech questions answered, but remember the tech questions portion of the FGB group page. There’s a ton of friendly girls (myself included) there who’d be more than happy to help you out! 🙂 Keep up the GREAT work!

    • Thanks, Kendall, for all the support! I just checked out your blog, and it’s incredible! I’m trying to figure out how to follow you on WordPress (ah, yet another tech question). I love how Megan’s original post is showing how much we all have in common.
      Thank you so much for you comment!

      • No problem! And thanks for the follow (I got a notification that yr following me, so I assume you figured it out, lol!). This has been a great linkup, I totally agree! Happy blogging!

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