Glowing For It

One of the first posts I had on this blog was the idea of a novelty run where you would run toward certain handsome British men, or at least their doppelgängers.I still think that idea is awesome, and while I wait for someone to agree and help fund the first BBC Man Run™, I look to other novelty runs that might actually make this hater of running somewhat active.

I hate running. I find it painful. I find it unnecessary, unless I was being chased by zombies (Oh, there’s another idea! A Walking Dead Run where you don’t run from zombies, but run toward Rick and his sexy beard). And yet, tell me about a 5K with mud, obstacle courses, color powder, or something just as silly, and I’m there. Case in point: this weekend’s Glow Run, which was an evening 5K around the UTEP campus.

The great part of these novelty runs is the prep work. I don’t mean working out and training, but creating a team name or shopping for tutus to run in. This run’s prep work consisted of hitting the neighborhood Walmart and buying everything and anything that glowed.

I actually ran the night before for a school fundraiser and my friends were going to run the following morning, so it was decided that we would quickly walk the course instead of run it. This plan allowed us to have a pre-run (pre-walk?) drink (beer is a carb, right?) and allowed us to take as many pics as we wanted on the course.





We had a blast as we quickly walked the hills around the university and looked at the nighttime city views. Dance music was blasting everywhere on the course, and people just seemed happier wearing all the glowing necklaces, bracelets, wigs, and tutus. The best part? Everyone even received a medal which glowed in the dark!

Yeah, I might hate running. But it’s funny how glowing shoelaces and a cheap t-shirt somehow make running seem like it might actually be fun.

My next run (walk?) is The Color Run, which is a blast.

How about you guys? Do any of you do novelty runs? Which ones?


6 thoughts on “Glowing For It

    • Oh, you need to! They are really fun! I’m trying to build up my courage to do The Walking Dead Escape at SDCC. It will probably never happen. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

    • Lol! Right? That may be the only thing that would actually get me to run—one of many British crushes waiting at the finish line (with some fish and chips).
      Thanks for your comment!

    • YES! THANK YOU! We need to organize that BBC Man Run. After all, what can’t we do when we put our minds to it? 😉
      Thanks for your comment! I’m now off to crowd fund that run.

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