Polka Dots and Moons

As I was watching last night’s Doctor Who episode, “Kill the Moon,” I couldn’t get over one thing: the Doctor was wearing polka dots.

Inspired by my ever-growing love for Peter Capaldi’s Twelve, I decided to download the Polyvore app and create an everyday cosplay of his outfit. Here is my first everyday cosplay attempt:


I especially love the high-heeled Doc Martens, moon earrings, and OPI nail polish that calls to mind the lining of his “magician” coat.

I have a feeling that I might have found a new time suck in the Polyvore app. Those papers waiting to be graded might have to wait a little longer. And isn’t that what Clara probably tells herself as she sets out on every new adventure?


5 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Moons

    • Thanks! It was a first attempt, but I had fun! I love Capaldi so much, since his first episode. I think people really love his 12 or hate his 12, which really makes me sad! He’s such a refreshing take on the Doctor, and I’m saying that as someone who LOVED 11. Thank you for commenting!

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