San Diego Silver Lining

Today started off with so much hope. I got up, turned on my laptop, and waited for the familiar blue, spinning circle to appear on my screen. That’s right. It was the Pre-Registration sale for San Diego Comic Con, the chance for previous attendees to try their luck before the general sale offers the badges to the whole flipping world.

As I sat at my computer, watching the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America, I felt calm. At peace. Confident.


At 10:01, I was zen as sales began. At 10:09, I was starting to feel a bit less zen. At the first banner announcing low quantities of Preview night, I still held some hope. Who needs Preview night? At 10:27, the banner read Saturday and Friday were gone. And just like that, I knew. I knew. I was zen less. At 10:36, the banner read all the badges were sold out.

Was this going to be the first time in four years that I wasn’t going to be lining up for panels, seeing sneak previews, and taking pictures of incredible cosplayers? I felt like this was a nerd Christmas special, “A Year without a Comic Con.” I even tweeted that. And then something really amazing happened.

I had friends on Twitter commiserate with me, offer virtual hugs, and, even more amazingly, promise to help me score badges during the general sale. Strange, isn’t it, how people you don’t see in your day to day, “real” life can be true friends in every sense of the definition?

I think this is the reason I love San Diego Comic Con. It’s brought so many people into my life, and that is just extraordinary. It’s the reason that I will gather my up my forces and get my tickets for 2015. I have no doubt that I will be a part of the awesome craziness again this summer. And if the nerd gods just happen to throw a curveball my way and keep me from getting tickets in March, I will still make the trip to San Diego and be a part of all it, in some way or another. It’s just too special to not experience.


8 thoughts on “San Diego Silver Lining

    • Haha! Good luck to you! I know how much you love it, just by reading your awesome blog! And in the end, badges or no badges (oh, please, please badges), San Diego offers so much. Thanks for your comment, Brooke!

    • Oh, I hope you get badges! It’s so competitive, but I would totally recommend going to San Diego even if you don’t get badges. There is so much going on off-site that you will stlll experience so much! And Nerd HQ is an awesome event in itself. I’m planning on going to San Diego even if I don’t get badges. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for your comment, Jessica!

  1. krystellemt says:

    I started to panic when I was not immediately let in to purchase badges like I was last year. I was able to get Saturday and Sunday badges for me and my husband at 9:30, and right after that I saw on Twitter that everything was coming up as sold out.

    We still plan on going an extra day to try and see what we can do outside of the convention. I know that some people go and just do that, which is cool. I hope you have better luck in the next round of sales!

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