A Geeky Christmas

Last year, I wanted to make really cute and geeky personalized Christmas cards for my friends and family. After scouring Etsy and not finding what I wanted, I stumbled upon the Red Stamp app. They also have a website, but I love that I can create cards from my phone.

All you have to do is create an account and start making your cards! The app saves all your drafts and cards you sent. There’s even an option on your sent cards to edit in case you were struck with a really creative idea after you already made it (this happens to me quite a lot).

What I love it that you have so many sending options. You can send it as a postcard or real card. There’s really something quite lovely about receiving cards in the mail. The cards run less than four bucks with postage included.

But there’s also a digital option which allows you to share your cards through email, text, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook…for free. I have so many amazing friends that I only really talk to through social media, but it makes me so joyful that I can create and share a card for them as well.

Here are a few that I created yesterday and some from last year. The card templates already have greetings on them, so it was just a matter of finding an image. In some cases, I added a personal message, but I’m still racking my brain for something about the T-Rex. If you can think of something, I’d love to hear it!

Give it a try–I think you’ll have some fun with it. Happy Holidays!









<img src="https://nerdheart.



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