Ce N’est Pas Une Lune!

Yesterday, a couple of friends and I decided to explore our artistic sides at a social art studio called “I Painted That!”. We signed up for the two hour art class, which was to be a picture of a couple strolling through Paris. We were also encouraged to bring wine. Drinking and painting? Yes, please.

A few days before, I jokingly said that I was going to paint a zombie horde coming toward the blissful couple. Then I decided I’d paint Chris Hardwick as the guy in the picture. Then the idea of the TARDIS and the phrase “Allons-y” became a possibility. After the Jurassic World trailer came out, I really wanted to paint a T-Rex. But when the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released, I knew it had to be the iconic Death Star hanging in the Parisian sky. I love Star Wars, and more importantly, the Death Star is basically a circle that even I could draw.

Before the evening class, my friend had already hit the Chardonnay in the afternoon, so I knew it was going to be a hilarious class. Exhibit A, and by the way, I’m the blue texts.


When we arrived to class, we had all our necessary materials: bottles of wine, popcorn, chocolate-covered Lays potato chips, and some salami and Gouda cheese. Oh, and no artist would ever attempt their masterpiece without a wine glass sippy cup.


The canvas already had the couple and Eiffel Tower roughly sketched in pencil, so anyone could do this. As the night progressed, that blank canvas started to tell a picture.



But while people worried about creating the perfect color for their dusky skyline, I was wondering about the perfect color for my Death Star. And in the end, I created exactly what I wanted.


We drank. We laughed. We painted. We spilled wine. And then we drank some more. I’m quite sure the teacher was not impressed with what we did, but at least we put our own twist on it. I was 99.9% sure that she would pixelate us out of the Facebook and website picture, but she didn’t. I’m secretly hoping that when someone takes the “Parisian Stroll” class, they request the Star Wars option.



6 thoughts on “Ce N’est Pas Une Lune!

  1. Oh my goodness, I so wish there was something like this offered where I live! I’d do it in a heartbeat. Your teacher is silly, the Death Star was absolutely the perfect compliment to such a romantic scene!

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