May the Fourth…

My love for the Star Wars universe came at an early, early age. I saw it when A New Hope first came out in theaters, and at the ripe old age of five, I knew I found something amazing. With Empire, I fell in love with Han Solo. Hard. In the sixth grade, spurred on by our love of Return of the Jedi, my best friend and I created a Jedi Club. We “trained” at a local park using the monkey bars and declared our love in writing for Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill. I chose Ford;  she chose Hamill, a decision that still haunts her. 

Fast forward a whole lot of years to this April, when I was able to attend Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. It was like a mini Comic Con solely for Star Wars. There’s something incredibly cool about being surrounded with thousands of people who love something  as much as you do, maybe even more.

 The cosplay was amazing, the fan-made props were incredible, and the amount of really awesome and necessary merchandise was extensive. I unfortunately missed the world premiere trailer of The Force Awakens at the J.J. Abrahams panel, and I only made it to one other panel. Too much time was spent just taking it all in. 


Just another day at Celebration


Roxy the Rancor


Admiral Ackbar Sushi Set!


I have a weakness for Stormtroopers

Good times in the Rancor Pit

Next year, Celebration will be in London, and I’m so glad I went this year. California is a bit closer than England.

May the Fourth be with you. Now go watch The Force Awakens trailer again. You know you want to. I know I do. 


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