5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Boyfriends 

Leave it to The Nerdy Girlie to come up with a 5 Fandom Friday that would make me remember my little neglected blog. In truth, the topic should be top 5 fictional BFF’s, but the boyfriend topic is just a lot more fun! My list of fictional boyfriends is quite extensive, but here are my Top 5:

1. Ben Wyatt A handsome nerd who geeks out over the Iron Throne, creates his own board game, cosplays as Batman, AND dresses as Wesley from The Princess Bride for Halloween? Ben Wyatt is the nerdy girl’s ultimate boyfriend. 

2. Indiana Jones– Glasses and professorial suit, whip and satchel, it does not matter. He has been my fictional crush since I first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark when I was in 4th grade! (Yeah, I’m that old).  Intelligence, wit, and that face…done.

3. Han Solo-I know, I know. Another Harrison Ford role, but every girl needs a surprisingly honorable scoundrel in her life now and then. Scruffy looking nerf-herder indeed.

4. The Doctor– Now, this isn’t really a way to cheat and fit several people in one slot. I love every Doctor, and even though they have different faces, they are the same person, so it totally counts. That being said, I do have favorites (Bow ties, Converse, and Scottish accents).

5. Steve Rogers/Captain America– Brave. Noble. Strong enough to pick me up as if I was only a feather. And have you seen him run? It’s a thing of beauty. On your left…

How about you? Do you have any fictional crushes? 


5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Funko Pop Figures


Yikes, I’m posting this right under the wire, but I figure it’s still Friday somewhere.

I knew I couldn’t resist writing about this week’s 5 Fandom Friday, which is a series of blogging prompts from The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. An entire post about Funko Pop figurines? I’m so in. I have my Funko Pop figurines scattered all around my classroom and on my bookshelves. My friends think I am crazy to trust them with my students, but strangely enough, the kids are great with them. They race inside my classroom to claim the one they can have on their desk for the class period. Listen, if having a cute plastic toy on your desk helps you survive a lesson about direct objects, go for it. I totally get it. So here are my favorites:
1. Baby Groot- He’s my most recent purchase, but darn if he’s not also the cutest.

2. Invisible Bilbo- I am a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings nerd, through and through. I love that even though he’s “invisible,” you can still see the Ring of Power on his finger.

3. Rocket and 4. Groot- Another Groot? Yup. And I have to say, you can’t have Groot without Rocket, can you?

5. Lumiere- I love Disney. I mean, LOVE. And I have several Disney Pops, including the animated version of Malificent, which was my very first Funko Pop I bought nearly four years ago. But Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. Besides having a heroine who actually, you know, thinks and reads, it features a French candlestick that can put the moves on a sexy duster.

Sometimes I wonder if I really need another Funko Pop figurine in my life (and classroom), but then I’ll read about the upcoming Doctor Who Pops or see a picture of Gus Gus in A GLASS SLIPPER. And suddenly, I already know exactly where I’m going to put them.
Any other crazy Funko collectors out there? Which ones are you currently coveting?