Pros and Cons

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to score badges to San Diego Comic Con after being shut out at the Pre-Registration sale in November. My best friend and I left nothing to chance and situated ourselves in a computer lab at her school. We had Comic Con IDs that we created plus some that our friends created for us to use. I had friends also trying for me in Arizona and California. I got in at the  same time my friend in Arizona did, within the first few minutes of the sale! I even managed to score badges for a friend who was not having any luck. I can’t wait for July because SDCC is always an incredible experience.

We weren’t messing around this time!

But before SDCC, I’m going to dabble my feet in the con pool by attending Star Wars Celebration in April. I’ll be doing this con by myself, but I’m so excited! As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I cannot wait to see what they have in store, especially with the release of the newest film in December. Another draw of this con? Disneyland is right there. 

Scruffy-looking nerf herder

I can’t wait to see what’s in store at these cons. As a very popular kickstarter project is proving on Indiegogo, cons are truly unique events where anything can and usually does happen. (And totally check out that Con Man project- anything with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion is going to be awesome).

What about you? Any conventions in your future?